Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week 16 Review

Game of the Week

Giants vs
More on this game later in the week, but key things:  Giants and Dallas winner next week wins the division and Jets sit in 9th now in the AFC standings.  The need a lot of help with one week left.  A fumble to a safety, and a pass interference on Plaxico decided this game. 
Jets (-3) Loss

Dolphins vs. Patriots

Pats rally and come all the way back.  Clinch a first round bye.
Dolphins (+10) Win

Browns vs. Ravens
Baltimore held on to win and fight for a first round bye and the division.
Browns (+13) Win

Vikings vs. Redskins 
Vikings surprise the Redskins for their third win in this one.
Redskins (-6.5) Loss

Raiders vs. Chiefs
Chiefs should have won this, but went to OT and lost.  Now the Raiders have a chance to lose the division, but still make the playoffs next week if things play out correctly
Chiefs (-2) Loss

Bucs vs. Panthers
Cam Newton sets the all time pass record in this one and adds a 49 yard TD run.  He is turning this team around and they have a bright future.
Panthers (-7.5) Win

Rams vs. Steelers
Steelers are trying to keep up with the Ravens for the division and a first round bye in the AFC.   
Rams (+13) Loss

Eagles vs. Cowboys
Cowboys had nothing to play for, but the Eagles played with a lot of heart and handled them.  Comes down to next week in New Jersey for the Cowboys.
Eagles (+3) Win

Chargers vs. Lions 
Lions clinch a playoff birth for the first time in 13 years and take care of Rivers.
Lions (-1.5) Win

49ers vs. Seahawks
49ers come back late and win on a field goal in Seattle.
Seahawks (+2) Push

Broncos vs. Bills

Blowout here, Bills defense steps up as Tebow doesn't protect the ball.  Denver still control their own fate next week.  A win against KC, and they're in.  
Broncos (-3) Loss

Jaguars vs. Titans
Titans win at home to help their playoff hopes.  Currently in 8th place in the AFC.  Don't cover though.
Titans (-7.5) Loss

Cardinals vs. Bengals 
Cardinals don't complete the comeback, and lose to the Bengals.  Bengals now claim the 6th spot as of now and are in the playoffs.
Cardinals (+6) Push

Bears vs. Packers
The Packers dominated again and clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs.
Packers (-12) Win

Falcons vs. Saints

Brees- the new all time single season passing leader.  Saints dominate and win 45-16.

Happy Holidays!!!

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