Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 15 Review

Patriots vs. Broncos
The Broncos held a 16-7 lead, before a calamity of turnovers.  They coughed up the ball and couldn't stop the Patriots on third down, leading to 27 unanswered points and a 34-16 lead.  The Patriots never looked back after that as they went on to win 41-23.  This is a minor setback for Tebow, but it showed a few things about Tebow.  He showed that he could throw in the beginning of the game when he had to, and that had been questioned coming into this game.  The Broncos were simply overwhelmed as this game continued, but it was a good check for them as they get ready for the playoffs.
Broncos (+7.5) Loss

Redskins vs. Giants
An embarrassing game for the Giants.  They are now in a position where they basically need to win the last two games to assure the playoffs.  They were never in this game against the Redskins, even after starting the game with a pick of Grossman.  The game was ugly from the beginning and the Redskins showed everyone that they do indeed have a defense that can click and stifle an offense.  The Giants need to rebound next week, in what will be a crazy atmosphere in New Jersey.  They take on the Jets at MetLife Stadium, in front of a crowd that will primariliy be Jets fans.  It will be a crazy game, and they way it looks now, will be a very tough game on both teams.
Giants (-7) Loss

Packers vs. Chiefs
Who saw this coming?  The Chiefs defeated the Packers in a shocking game.  The Packers had to think this game was going to be the easiest one left in the season, but they were stunned by the Chiefs in Kansas City.  Kansas City was led by Orton in his first start.  He threw for 299 yards going 23/31.  Rodgers just could not get anything going and their hopes for an undefeated season ended.  On Thanksgiving, I still thought they would not pull off the undefeated season, but they finally got me believing after the last two games.  And now this week, it ends.  Good win by the Chiefs in this one.
Packers (-12) Loss

Jets vs. Eagles
The Jets fell behind 28-0 in what looked like the rout in Baltimore earlier this season.  They were able to salvage 13 points at the end of the half to make it a 28-13 game, but the Eagles struck for another TD to start the second half and would continue to pile it on.  The Jets were helped by the Titans losing, but hurt by the Bengals winning.  They now must win the final two games if they want to make it to the playoffs.
Jets (+3) Loss

Saints vs. Vikings
Brees put up 5 TDs and 412 yards in this game.  The Saints blew out the Vikings, as they should have, and move to 11-3 this season.
Saints (-8) Win

Seahawks vs. Bears
Lynch did not put up a lot of yards, only 42, but he ran for 2 TDs.  The Seahawks had no problem in the second half putting away the lifeless Bears.  The Bears have no QB, and are slowly slipping out of the playoff picture.
Seahawks (+3.5) Win

Dolphins vs. Buffalo
Miami went to Buffalo in the snow and pulled off the victory.  Reggie Bush thought he was back at USC, running for over 200 yards.  They won 30-23, as Buffalo has now lost 7 in a row.
Buffalo (even) Loss

Panthers vs. Texans
The first half was dominated by the Panthers, and unlike last week, they were able to maintain the lead and win this one.  Carolina jumped out to a 21-0 lead and carried it to halftime.  They would hold on to win, 28-13.  The Texans playoff position still looks good, but they will have to battle for a first round bye.  
Panthers (+6) Win

Titans vs. Colts
The Colts finally win a game, and do it against a Tennesse team that is battling for a playoff spot.  Donald Brown took control of the game, with 161 yards rushing and a TD.  The Colts finally fill the win column this season.
Titans (-7) Loss

Bengals vs. Rams
Cincy gave up a late TD to bring the score closer, but it was not a close second half. The Bengals controlled the second half, after trailing 6-3 at half time.  They relied heavily on their running game with Benson and Scott.  The Bengals remain in the playoff hunt after pulling off this win.
Bengals (-7) Push

Lions vs. Raiders
The Lions completed a 98 yard drive with two minutes left to take the 28-27 lead against Oakland.  The Lions remain in the hunt for the playoffs after this comeback win in Oakland.
Lions (-1.5) Loss

Browns vs. Cardinals
Seneca Wallace filled in nicely for McCoy in this one.  The Browns jumped out to a 10-0 lead before they surrendered a TD with 25 seconds left in the half.  Wallace found Little in the third for a 76 yard TD to make it 17-7.  The Cardinals came back however, and tied it at 17 to force the game into overtime, where they would go on to win on a field goal, 20-17.
Cardinals (-6.5) Loss

Ravens vs. Chargers
The Chargers dominated this one and are keep their playoff hopes alive.  The Ravens are not as good a team on the road as they are at home, and this trend continues.  They will now battle with the Steelers for the division in the final two weeks.  
Chargers (+3) Win

MNF- Steelers vs. 49ers
The Steelers were unable to play well with a hobbled Big Ben.  They now fall to 5th place in the AFC and miss their opportunity to claim the first seed.  The 49ers continue to roll and dominated in this game.  Both teams are headed to the playoffs, so this one was all about positioning for the playoffs.
Steelers (+3) Loss

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