Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saturday Night Football

Cowboys vs. Bucs
The Cowboys are coming off of a tough loss at home against the Giants.  They now are behind the Giants in the division, but all is not lost.  They have a matchup in week 17 against the Giants, so if they keep winning, they will keep their hopes alive.  The defense needs to step up.  Romo is doing all he can for Dallas and it is time for the defense to pick it up.  I tend to always believe the Bucs are going to show up and fight, but I think it is safe to say they are a bad team, and should get blown away here.  With a game back under Miles Austin's belt, I think he has a better game than last week and helps the Cowboys more.  Although they are without Murray not, Felix Jones looked god last week when he had to step in for him.  They look like they should have no problem with the Bucs, if they can get the memories of their last two games out of their heads.
Dallas (-7) Win

Update: Dallas wins in a rout, 31-15

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