Friday, December 2, 2011

Last Years Big East Champs, Decides This Years Champs
Last year UCONN won the Big East championship in the last game of the regular season on a 52 yard field goal and made it to their first BCS Bowl game.  This year, they play a role in the last day of the regular season as well.  They play Cincinnati on Saturday, and with a UCONN win, Louisville and West Virginia will remain tied for the division and the tiebreaker will go to Louisville after Louisville beat West Virginia 38-35.  If UCONN loses, then Cincy will make it a three way tie at the top of the division. In the event of a three way tie, the team with the best BCS rank gets the bid, and that will most likely be West Virgina.  West Virginia needed every second in Thursday nights game to beat USF with a last second field goal (almost the exact situation as UCONN's win last year in South Florida, except UCONN left a few seconds on the clock after the kick.)  We will find out on Saturday how the division will play out as UCONN plays in Cincinnati at noon.

UPDATE: UCONN gives Cincy two turnovers for TDs to start the game, Cincy leads at halftime 28-6

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