Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chris Paul Wants to be a NY Knick
     According to Yahoo! Sports, Chris Paul's agent has told the New Orleans Hornets that Paul will not sign an extension and wants to play for the Knicks.  This looks like it might shape up to be a Carmelo type situation.  Paul has one year left, but if he leaves now, the Hornets can get something out of it, next year, they are left with nothing.  If Paul were to get traded and sign an extension this year with the Knicks, he would be able to receive a 4 year max $55.5 million deal.  If he were to sign next year, they would be able to sign him to a 4 year $74 million deal.  So how much does he want to go?  Will he sacrifice $18.5 million over the four years?  We will have to wait and see on this one.  If Paul really wants to be in New York, then the money won't matter and he will take the pay cut.  It was speculated with the lockout ending, this type of thing could still happen.  The CBA did not address this issue of creating 'super teams', and now the Knicks might be one step closer to having one. 
    Michael Kay made a good point today...if the NBA cared about competitive balance, then they would have added franchise tags, so players couldn't dictate where they go.  Should a player have a franchise tag placed on him, then a teams best player would have to stay with that team.  A very good point, and an excellent way to even out the league. 
     I believe that the NBA is banking on making the money in the big markets with a handful of 'super teams' and letting the other teams get by with what they have.  It seems it is going to be first come first serve on who can create the super teams fastest in the next couple years.

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