Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Night Football Preview and Recap
Week 12
vs. Seahawks

UPDATE:  Seahawks Win Huge 31-14
     Vince Young had one of the worst nights he has ever had in professional football.  He had 4 interceptions, and these interceptions ultimately led to the Eagles getting blown out.  Lynch continued to dominate in this game, and Jackson had an efficient night, going 13 for 16 for 190 yards and a TD.  He had to manage the game and not make errors.  With Young falling apart, and Lynch putting up 148 yards and 2 TDs, the Seahawks managed to win this game easily.  The team as a whole played error free and if you don't turn the ball over, and force the other team to, then wins should come easily...and tonight the win came easy for the Seahawks.  The Eagles season ended in New York a couple weeks ago and the rest of this year is going to be embarrassing for them.  They are a team that lacks heart and DeSean seemed to quit again in this one.  They sit in last place in the NFC East.  Seattle on the other hand, played a great game and showed what kind of team they can be if they click on all cylinders.

Thursday Night Football Preview
Thursday Night Football has a matchup of two 4-7 teams...Ouch.  This game is going to be especially tough for Philadelphia.  They are coming off a blowout against the Patriots at home and now travel across the country on a short week.  The main guys for the Eagles to watch here are Vince Young, filling in for Vick, and Riley Cooper, filling in for Maclin.  These two worked together on the scout team before they were starting, and in the last two weeks they have had great performances.  The problem for the Eagles is going to be the short week and the blowout they were a part of.  They looked as though they might be able to salvage their season with a big win in New York, but I think that the win in New York was their season.  That game was their Superbowl, and everything now is just an afterthought.  I think that they might win a few more games, but this one is going to be tough on the road in a tough place to play.  A huge factor in this one is LeSean McCoy's status.  He is set to be a game time decision, and he might be the difference in a Philly win or a Philly loss.
    For Seattle, Lynch has been piling up the rushing yards and Philly's run defense is not what it used to be, so expect him to have another big game.  He has averaged 111 yards in his last 4 games.  The wild card in this game is Tavaris Jackson, who has not been having great games as of late.  He has a torn pectoral muscle, but is playing through it.  Jackson's last four weeks have been abysmal though and have been getting worse each week.  The questions that the Seahawks face...Will Lynch be enough in this one?  And can Jackson be any worse? 
     This game is going to be close but Philly is loaded with injuries.  If McCoy plays, I do not think it will be at 100%, so this affects my pick.  If he is a game time decision, then I will take Seattle in this one.  Seattle does not get many opportunities to play in a nationally televised game, so this will be a big game for them and their fans.  On the other hand, it is just another game for the "Dream Team."  They have been in the spotlight all year, and they have four wins to show for it.  I'll take Seattle.
Seattle (+3) Win

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