Friday, December 9, 2011

Stern's Court
     It looked like a very fair trade in the NBA yesterday, that sent Chris Paul to team up with Koke Bryant on the Lakers, Lamar Odom, Kevin Martin, and Luis Scola to the Hornets, and Pau Gasol to the Rockets.  David Stern inexplicably vetoed the trade in a move that is causing outrage throughout the league.  The real thoughts of reversing this trade started when Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert emailed Stern.  Gilbert is a joke to begin with, so if Stern really did decide to veto a perfectly fine trade based on this guy, then it makes Stern look worse.
     Ultimately, the point is that Stern pulled the trigger on the veto and it has sent shockwaves through the NBA.  The last thing the NBA needed after a long lockout, was more drama with the owners and David Stern.  Stern came off as power hungry and egotistical during the CBA negotiations, not fearing a year without basketball because he was in favor of making more money for his owners and thus, himself.  Stern now has done the unthinkable, and taken a fair trade and blocked it from happening.  What does this mean for the NBA now and the teams and players involved?
     Let's start with the players involved.  It is already being reported that Paul will not report to the Hornets camp on Friday.  Odom has spoken publicly about his thoughts on the trade, and his feelings on the Lakers after he thought he would end his career there and then learning of the trade through media outlets.  As for the owners, they are split on this, some in favor and some not.  The NBA as a whole is completely split on this issue.  It is going to be interesting to see how fans in these markets respond.  The league is receiving tremendous backlash already, and who knows if Stern will fold under pressure again...I wouldn't put it past him to reverse the trade again.  I think in the end, Stern's way is the only way,  and the NBA looks like a joke.
It is unbelievable to think that this can happen in a professional sports league.  The Hornets made a trade that would help their future after Chris Paul.  Now what?  Paul will leave next year, and the Hornets will be left with nothing.  In the meantime, Paul is considering a lawsuit, all of the players involved are outraged, owners are sending emails and acting like they are working hand in hand with Stern and are calling the shots.  All of which makes the league look like a joke.  Stern made a ridiculous mistake.  Today, people would be talking about the great 3 way trade that took place, and how New Orleans salvaged their franchise with this trade.  Instead, the Hornets look like they will be left with nothing.  Stern needs to figure some things out because this whole situation is a disaster.  More details will come out and Stern will make up some ridiculous story, but what he did was ludicrous and this story will not go away for a while.  The reality now is that these players will have to return to teams that they feel like do not want them.  Stern could not handle the pressure from owners, who were simply mad because they couldn't get a trade done to land Paul on their team.  Gilbert after all, knows what it is like to lose a player and get nothing back, when he lost LeBron James.  Why would anyone want to see it happen to another organization?  If it was another owner's team involved, they would not be calling the commissioner and crying for him to use his powers to unjustifiably veto this trade.  The ball is in Stern's court, lets see if he can do anything (allow the trade) to bring some respect back to the NBA.

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