Wednesday, November 16, 2011


     NOS is planned to be a routinely updated website that will have information, articles, and current and past sports news.  Most of my days are spent reading, listening, and watching sporting events, news, and everything leading up to the events.  My objective is to relay information as reported, allowing us to speculate and debate the news.
     My intention is to create articles, controversial and other, that can be found on both this web page and my blog.  As I write today JoPa was fired and riots are forming on the streets of the University.  At the same time David Stern is addressing the media on the basketball lockout.  These selections of sport related material will be on this website where they will be addressed in-depth.                                                       
     Sports connects people all around the world and in between, there are people with voices that need to be heard.  That is where I come in.
-Michael Nargi

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