Saturday, November 26, 2011

NBA Expected to Begin On Christmas Day

     Early this morning, NBA players and owners tentatively agreed on a new CBA.  The deal is expected to be somewhere between 49%-51% in relation to BRI (Basketball Related Income.)  The owners did not want to give the players over 50%, and the players would not take less.  Stern was able to get the sides to meet and although the number is not solid yet, the projected number that they will agree on is just over 50%.  We have to remember, that the deal is not in ink yet.  This was merely a handshake agreement.  There is still a long way to go, as the revenue sharing is still being figured out. 
     It is planned that the normal 82 game schedule will be shortened to 66 games, beginning on Christmas Day.  Training camp and free agency is tentaively slated to begin on December 9th.  Free agency will look a bit like the free agent situation this year in the NFL, a short amount of time but a lot of players in the free agent market.  The bottom line here is that by Christmas Day, we might all have forgotten there was even a lockout.  The NBA makes all the best matchups for Christmas Day, so its a win for the NBA and a win for fans.  With the NBA coming off one of their best season, it was essential that this deal got done for the holidays. 

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