Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 11...A Week I'd Like To Forget...

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WOW...what a week...If only my picks were as good as my fantasy team!  So...what went wrong?

Jets vs. Tebow (Broncos)
Read my article on Tebow.  We all know how this story ends.
Jets (-6) LOSS

Titans vs. Falcons
As i predicted, a lack of Julio Jones meant an explosive game from Roddy White, complimented by Tony Gonzalez.  White, 7 for 147, and Gonzalez, 5 for 74 and a TD. 
Falcons (-5.5
)  WIN

vs. Dolphins
Wow...goodbye to the Bills.  I gave them credit and thought maybe it was just a couple bad losses, and this is what I get in return?  Matt Moore is trying to prove they never needed Luck.
Bills (+2) LOSS

Bengals vs. Ravens
This game could have ended very differently had the refs not, in my mind, blown a call.  An originally ruled TD on the field was overturned to an incomplete pass...I understand why, but don't agree with the rule.  The receiver carried the ball across the end zone and then fell out of bounds and dropped it.  The ball already crossed.  The whole ruling gets me angry.  It is common since that it was a TD...Cincy settled for a field goal, instead of the TD with 5 min left, and came up just short.  Two weeks in a row though taking on a tough divisional opponent, and falling just short.  Shows a lot about the Bengals, they are for real.
Bengals (+7) PUSH

Jaguars vs. Browns
Held my breath here...after Cleveland missed a field goal, the Jags got down the field and had a 4th and goal and 1 second left on the 1 yard line...and they couldn't get it in. Too close for me. 
Browns (-1.5) WIN

Raiders vs. Vikings
Raiders almost gave this one away, but held on.  Bush continued to fill in nicely for McFadden, going 30 for 109.
Raiders (+1)

Panthers vs. Lions
This was just a crazy game and the game of the day for me.  Cam led the Panthers to a 17 point second quarter lead, and held a 27-14 lead at halftime.  Then came the collapse of the Panthers, as I come to expect.  21 straight points by the Lions, and a 35-27 lead in the fourth quarter, before Cam did it again.  He stormed down field, and got a 6 yard rushing TD, followed by a 2-point conversion to Steve Smith.  35-35. Then a pick by Cam and a quick 2 TDs later, and the Panthers lose again and the Lions cover.  And Stafford, who started the game with 2 picks, ended up throwing 5 TD's after the picks.  What a game.
Panthers (+7) LOSS

Buccaneers vs. Packers
Bucs kept fighting, and kept it closer than I thought it would be.  Had it not been for a very rare pick by Rodgers in the fourth, then it was looking like a 15 point game.
Packers (-14)

Cowboys vs. Redskins
Skins put on a show here and wouldn't go down easy, pushing it to OT, and turning my push, into a loss.  Another impressive game out of Murray, rushing 25 times for 73 yards and catching 6 passes for 32 yards.  Felix Jones returned, but for only 5 carries and 18 yards.  Murray has ignited this team and although they didn't blow the Skins out, they continue to roll.
Dallas (-7)

Cardinals vs. 49ers
49er's were too dominant on defense, limiting Beanie Wells to 33 yards and forcing him to fumble.  Skelton got forced out of the game after a 6 for 19 performance, for 99 yards and 3 INT's.
Cardinals (+10)

Seahawks vs. Rams
Nothing from the Rams in this one, a weak performance against a bad team, one that I thought was worse than the Rams.
Rams (-3)  LOSS

Chargers vs. Bears
Bears continue to dominate, although Cutler looks like he needs season ending surgery on his broken thumb.  They dominated the second half of this one and take away another huge win and continue roll, as the Chargers are in full collapse mode.  They did this without gaudy numbers from Forte (20 for 57), but without Cutler going forward, Forte will have to resume what he had been doing all season.
Bears (-4.5)

Eagles vs. Giants
Giants continue to do what they can to give away the NFC East.  Giants could not find any offense in this one.  And when they were still given a chance in the final minutes, Eli coughed it up to pretty much end the game.  A terrible loss for them and now they have to deal with the Cowboys for the division.  They needed this game at home against a hurt Eagles team, but tonight, the Eagles had more heart.  This was their must win game, against their rivals, and they showed up.
Giants (-5.5) LOSS

Chiefs vs. Patriots
Pats dominate the second half at home, like they should against a depleted Chiefs team.  In the process, increase their lead in the AFC East.
Patriots (-14.5) WIN

My Week 11 picks: 5-8-1

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